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Welcome Message from the Program Director

Life in the outside world of higher education is, agreeably, the most transforming and intriguing. Most of us are who we are today because of the path we choose in the higher institutions. It is worthy of note that this segment of experience should be chosen putting into consideration, sound learning factors. At PPUP, we recognize that life choices are delicate and should be made carefully. Therefore, with different academic pathways to choose from, skill development, individualized trainings, proper coaching and tutoring, our students are equipped on the foretaste of the higher institution and how to face life’s decisions. Together with the rest of the PPUP team, I welcome you to today’s world of limitless possibilities in education. We wish you and your child/ward a wonderful and successful time with us at PPUP.

– Blossom Joy Umejiaku,

Program Coordinator

Our Partners


During my time at PPUP, I received intensive SAT coaching which helped me get a score of 1560/1600 in my SAT exam.

Following this result, I got a 97% scholarship to study at North American University in Texas.

Thank you PPUP!”

Abraham Magaji

Student, North American University (USA)

PPUP has helped me discover and nurture my gift as a fine artiste. I held my first art exhibition as a student of PPUP and during that exhibition, I made over one million Naira in sales and got invitations to other

international exhibitions.

Ifeanyi Obingene,

Student, Fine Arts (ASDAN Pathway)

“PPUP is a family of different people with unique personalities and challenges. The programs are diverse, and the staff are supportive. My experience at PPUP was top notch and it made my transition into the Canadian university system seamless.”

Chiwendu Nwabuokei

Student, University of Prince Edward Island (Canada)


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